Blogging Journey

My 1st post after migration

I spent too much time yesterday struggling to categorize my blog. If you have started blogging, please start doing so and not wait till like me-have 700+ posts to do so.*way too many

The last 1 year of blog posts has been pretty much crappy, I spent too much time rolling my eyes while reading them. Then it occured to me, I do not like monetizing my blog actually you know! After like 7 pages of tagging and got sick of myself, what I did was reverted to tagging from my 1st post. I was overwhelmed by memories and how true I was to my self then. Totally enjoyed re-reading them but still got lost in catergorising them. Coz most of them were just like talking too much cock, they don’t belong to any cept category “BULLSHIT”.

I suck at organizing. I am of the girls who will wake up in the morning and gets so excited clearing cupboards (coz of NO Space), spends the next 30 mins overwhelmed by clothes that I never knew existed. The next 1 hour rummaging through drawers when in the 1st place the focus was the cupboard. Then eventually after 1h 30 mins, with a huge pile of mess, I declared that its done and stuff everything back — CRUMPLED. #StillNOspace.


I am also one of those who insisted on “throwing” out stuffs and prepares 5 bags to donate. While “throwing”, I lose focus and starts exploring. Eventually, it doesn’t go into the donation bag but to the upper compartment or gets transfer to a new place – thinking that I will put in an obvious eye view so it will be used. Yes, you guessed it. I have 5 empty bags. I would have spent another 2 hours wasting my time “trying” to do something. Sometimes I leave the mess abouts and go read a book that I found lying around in my cuppie, piled under some handbag. Needless to say what my husband’s expression is. #heknowshiswifecannotpackfornuts

It seems by now, you will know I detest doing housework for this simple reason. It’s not that I do not know how to, for those who don’t know… I cooked and prepare myself to school at 7 years old. Trust me when I tell you I know everything about housework. “Jia Jia Le” or “Masak Masak” was something I did on real fire since 6 years old. Housework do not excite me at all, I plainly do not like to do them.

I may eventually not finish my homework on renovating my blog but did realize what needs to be done. Reviews, advertorials seems not to be my cup of tea. My life experiences are way more fun to write and this is my core. My strength is that I am awesome in telling my sad,woe stories and is just as capable to tell my success stories. This could just be my voice, why do something uncomfortable till it drives me sleepless, right? Just about getting my mojo back…

WordPress doesn’t have spell check and I cannot spell.. OMG.

Blogging Journey

The Big Renovation

The time has come when I have nothing to write about….

I thought very hard and wondered if I do need to have another child to have stuffs to write about? I have reached a stage where I am no longer comfortable to blog about my children and their whereabouts. The security issue plays high on my mind and the mother’s instinct closes up to protect them. I do have the urge to write but they are all random thoughts and wonder to myself if thats’ blog worthy. So it brings me back to why I have a blog, I should effing not care what others think.  So I get ping ponged around my thoughts if this blog should continue, then I toyed with monetizing it which at the end made me more confused. Just because some companies ask for too much and me being a newbie, I don’t really know how to nego well enough. I enjoyed reviewing but I detest the other technicalities of it. But of course I grew wiser and now command more say in what I want to review.

In recent months, the writer’s block has intensified and the urge of writing dipped. Thank God for the community of bloggers that I have in my facebook that kept my interest of blogging alive. So the time has come to reconfiqure my thoughts and the directions of the blog.

This blog started when one normal mummy who got bored at home and she was searching for that voice. We started off as, ya very typical right hahahaah! My whole journey, my rants, my thoughts made up of the 1st 3 years of the blog. I know NOTHING about blogging but took it up coz well, it was fun. The mummies read each other blog and we left comments to motivate each other. During that time, I made so many friends from my readers! They left me emails, comments.. we felt we knew each other. Well, needless to say they have all become part of my social capital and buddies now.

Slowly the montetizing came because I had readers, not famous but good enough numbers. I get PR companies emailing me, inviting me to events – All these without me marketing my blog.  People knew me… literally.  I have gone to events and people recognize my girl, came up and warmed like we were old buddies. They knew where I hangout, what I did last weekend, they invaded into my inner thoughts. It got kinda scary. My protective shell started to ascend and my posts stopped sharing about my children. The 2nd part of my blogging journey had snippets of my parenting styles and lesser on my children. I changed my blog name to a domain website

I struggle now to link my posts together because it is been around for 5 years. I have 700 over entries and powerful information enough to launch a book. I have post that went on The Singapore Daily (that was fun) and many few that are high on search engine in Google. It’s now that I realized that I need to categorize my posts, sub categorize it for easy navigation! So that is going to happen the next 1 month, a migration from Blogger to WordPress and to save all my posts in a folder for they all mean so much to me.

I researched and my tops posts are

1. Sharing on how to look after children ailments (teething, rosela)
2. Tips on co-sleeping, breastfeeding, potty training
3. Handling 2 children of different styles – Dr Sears Vs Gina Ford series
4. My parenting style (No Caning, Our routines, Growing up to be ladies)

My Personal Styles
1. My Hair Styles hahhaha (amazing how my hair gets top reads)
2. FloLookBook (My makeup looks)
3. How I lose weight (Seems like a No 1 mummy issue)

1. Birthday Celebrations.
2. Goodie Bags

1. Children events
2. What I reccomend

I did my polls and seems that my styling tips for mummy is top on the list! They requested that it will be a regular feature in my blog. Women, beauty and tai tai lifestyle tips cannot go wrong here. Looks like the identity of my blog is actually very clear, just that I never bother finding out. *hangs head in shame

Categories : Yummy Mummy Lifestyle, Events for children, Parenting Tips,

While I renovate, if you on my FB and have products/ events that should interest my readers. If you have business that fit into my new categories, drop me a FB or email me at I will be clear I don’t write for free but love to write for goodies :)

Things I believe will interest

1. Places for lunch/tea/dinner for yummy mummies gatherings. We get stuck organizing ALWAYS.  (Can be chichi or those suitable to bring children)
2. Exercises. Gym classes. Yoga, Pilates.  Mummies need to find energy to look good
3. I need hair sponsor for sure, did you read that my hair posts rank highest?
4. Can dress me up? I write for your shop, blogshop or online shop.
5. Beautiful nails
6. Healthy foods and please make sure its edible
7. Natural remedies that help my children
8. Services that will benefit mummies
9. Places that my children can go, crafting or to burn that energy

I’m sure there are loads more. Let’s disuss